Real art doesn't come from a desire to dabble, placate, dribble, daub or defuse, but from an inner necessity to disturb, destroy, create, decry, ignite the ego. Scream and fly, to plough the unconscious, shock and shimmer. To plant the fuse and explode the eye.

The new work represents a series started in late 2016 and early 2017. There is a major stylistic shift that emphasises drawing, mythology, vibrant colour... and, as always, sound craftsmanship.

Title: 'The Sacrament' 2017
Media: pigment, cloth and oil paint on canvas
Size 300 x 200 cm
Location: Bruce Sherratt Gallery




Title: 'Ouroboros' 2017
Media: pigment on canvas
Size: 200 x 154 cm
Location: Bruce Sherratt Gallery

"The Ouroboros... the central snake that's consuming and consummating:
his motifs echo images ranging from The Last Judgement, Hindu Heaven and Hell,
along the death-defying Day of the Dead,
 representing the dialectic between birth, death and the love of life etched with his exotic,
the excremental and an earthy eroticism."

Jeff Sawtell - London

'Ouroboros The King', 2017
Medium: pigment on canvas
100 x 120cms
Location: Bruce Sherratt Studio and Gallery

Title: ''Watching Their Kingdom Come', 2017
Media: Pigment on canvas
Size: 70 x 90 cm
Location: Bruce Sherratt Gallery